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thought-catalog-gbQ3EsFSdG8-unsplashMichael Berkowitz, Historian at UCL, argues that during Parliament’s No Deal Brexit debate this week, Jacob Rees-Mogg has used a little-noted but unequivocally antisemitic trope.

Few seem to have noticed an expressly antisemitic sentiment articulated by Jacob Rees-Mogg in the vociferous Brexit debate during the evening of Tuesday, 3 September 2019. As a historian of antisemitism who has published on the stereotype of “Jewish criminality” used by the Nazis and their accomplices, it was extremely unsettling for me to hear Rees-Moog castigate his opponents, particularly his two fellow Tories of Jewish background, Sir Oliver Letwin and Speaker John Bercow, as “Illuminati who are taking the powers to themselves.”

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Thanks for this passionate plea for our NHS, Alison. The case for fighting Brexit cannot be overstated.

Bath for Europe

I have worked in the NHS for nearly 40 years and have seen from the inside how help is provided to people in need, regardless of their position in life. UK residents have not had to worry about how they will manage if/when they get old or ill or poor. They have known that essential health needs would be met through tax-payer funded services and most people have been happy to pay their tax for this.

Healthcare has changed immeasurably during this time. The combination of an ageing population, medical advances and the fact that more people are living with long-term conditions means that more money is needed each year to fund the NHS.

Boris Johnson’s promise to give £350 million per week to the NHS if we left the EU was understandably attractive to many voters. However, the Conservative party has been distancing itself from that promise since the day after the referendum. In reality, Brexit will have the…

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